Outreach Committee

The primary focus of this committee is to encourage members of the Indiana treatment and recovery community to join INARR as a Partner in Excellence and to have recovery residences throughout the state to voluntarily seek certification as a INARR Certified Residence. Additionally, this committee is responsible to maintain INARR social media outlets, our email distribution list and publish the INARR Newsletter.


Advocacy Committee

The mission of this committee is to promote and protect the rights of residents while in recovery from addiction. To insure an alcohol & drug free environment, a peer supportive housing experience that is safe, clean and dignified. Advocacy initiatives include educating recovery residences operators regarding fair housing rights, identifying legislators who support the recovery residence sector and mobilizing support from within the recovery community.


Ethics & Standards Committee

INARR is constructed upon the foundation of ethical operations and standards driven practices within the recovery residence sector. As an affiliate of the National Alliance for Recovery Residences (NARR), INARR adopted our standards from those published by INARR. Representing affiliate organizations from coast to coast, INARR developed these standards from the collective experience of over 2,500 recovery residences nationwide. The Ethics & Standards committee is responsible to process & report upon the resolution of grievances related to the INARR Code of Ethics and the INARR Standards.


Education & Training Committee

This committee is responsible for the development and delivery of educational content concerning the INARR Code of Ethics, Standards and Best Practices. INARR publishes forty-eight (48) individual standards that collectively promote alcohol & drug free, peer-supportive housing that is further delineated into four distinct levels of support (Levels 1-4). This committee seeks to educate residents, therapists, primary care discharge planners, judges, department of corrections personnel, legislators and the public-at-large regarding the importance of considering these support levels when making placement recommendations for residency.


Residents Committee

INARR exists to protect the rights of residents. This committee provides a channel for residents to voice their experience to better inform INARR leadership. The committee is also responsible to organize events that provide residents the opportunity to join together for fun and responsible participation in civic events aimed towards improving their local community. Among other initiatives, the Residents Committee, in conjunction with Advocacy, is responsible throughout the state to promote awareness within the recovering community regarding the need to organize and hold local, state and federal officials accountable to our rights as citizens.