The first step to becoming an INARR Associate is to familiarize yourself with the quality standards and expectations. If you determine that you meet these requirements, the next step is the application process.

Step 1: Familiarize Yourself and Determine Your Level


Step 2: Application & Certification

The process begins with an application. Each organization may submit an application for as many properties at it would like to have inspected and associated with INARR. Please complete the assurances form along with the application. The assurances form is a signed statement of compliance with all local and state rules that affect your recovery residence. It is your responsibility to be aware of, and in compliance with, these regulations.

INARR application fee is TBD. Note, this is non-refundable.

Once you are ready for your properties to be inspected, you will be required to pay an inspection fee of TBD.00. Peer Review Inspections are required of Level 1, 2 and 3 recovery housing sites. Level 4 recovery residences must submit proof of certification by the state of Indiana.

When your inspection fee is received, you will be contacted to set up a time for an inspection by two INARR members (outside of your service district). The inspection fee is non-refundable after an inspection date has been established. The TBD inspection fee will cover inspections of any of the organization’s recovery housing sites that can be completed reasonably in one 6 hour day, including travel time between sites and a brief break for lunch.

NOTE: Additional inspections for an organization will be done at the same rate per 6 hour day until all recovery housing sites are inspected. Special arrangements may be negotiated on an as needed basis and will require a signed agreement.

Every property will be inspected every two years and will require separate scheduling and payment based on fee schedule at time of inspection.

Please submit an application fee of TBD* either online or by check to INARR – 1431 N. Delaware St. – Indianapolis, IN 46202.

Applications can be submitted electronically by clicking the below link, completing the PDF application form – be sure to ‘save as’ a name that includes your organization – and emailing to You may also print and mail a hardcopy.

If you have any questions about the application, please contact us at 317-638-3501 or by emailing

Step 3: Application Review

A representative from INARR will review your application and contact you via email or phone to discuss your recovery residence and answer questions. If you decide to move forward in the process to become an associate and certify your residence(s), you will schedule a Peer Review and Inspection (see step 4). At this point, you will be asked to send in an initial inspection fee of TBD.

Step 4: Peer Review and Inspection

To certify your residence, a Peer Review Team from INARR will schedule a date and time for your inspection. During this inspection, the review team will assess your residence(s) against the INARR Quality Standards. Once the inspection is completed, INARR will provide you with written notice of your inspection status. The results of this review will be compiled and shared with the INARR Staff. Areas of improvement may be recommended, along with a suggested deadline.

Once your inspection is considered approved, your application will be submitted to a committee of the INARR Advisory Board for final approval. Once all applicable standards are considered met, you will receive official notification of your certification and designation as an associate of INARR.

There are separate Peer Review Forms for each level of recovery housing.

Peer Review Inspections may only be scheduled for recovery residences that have been operating at or around 60% resident capacity for a minimum of 2 months. New recovery residences may submit an Associate application at any time, but cannot be scheduled for inspection until minimum qualifications are met. If a referral source requires your residence be inspected prior to resident move in, please call 317-374-7193.

Step 5: Renewal

Once your organization is an Associate of INARR, renewal is handled on an annual basis. Request a continuance of approval each year by paying your annual dues and scheduling an inspection every two years (which includes an inspection fee).