Grievance Policy


Potential sanctions for the violation of the NARR Code of Ethics or Standards will be determined by the Indiana Division of Mental Health and Addictions (DMHA). INARR is a third-party partner of DMHA to collect, and evaluate, potential quality standards violations for ruling by DMHA.

Formal Grievance Process

It’s important to follow the grievance or complaint procedures carefully and to document all pertinent facts, dates, and information when filing a report or claim.

Grievance claims should be filed here.

Step 1: Filing

A Formal Grievance should be filed within 30 days of when the complainant became aware or suspected the violation of ethics or standards. The Formal Grievance should be documented on the INARR Formal Grievance Form. Verbal or e-mailed grievances will not be acted upon.

Step 2: Submission

The INARR Formal Grievance Form should be submitted to using the Grievance form on the INARR website, or if a perceived conflict exists, directly to the Division of Mental Health and Addictions.

Step 3: Notification of Receipt

Grievant should be notified by email within 3 business days of INARR’s receipt of the grievance. INARR will review the submission and may contact the complainant for additional information.

Step 4: Investigation

Within 30 days of receipt of the written compliant, INARR may complete an objective investigation of the matter and record the findings in a report to be provided to DMHA;

An extension of no more than 30 days may be granted for investigations that take longer than the initial 30-day timeframe. No member of INARR shall intentionally try to stall, prolong, or delay proceedings. The complainant /grievant and/or accused may be requested to appear separately in front of INARR as part of the investigation process. Written notice of the requested time and date will be agreed upon between INARR and the complainant or other parties being interviewed.

Step 5: Presentation to DMHA

INARR will present to the DMHA the information collected during the investigation at the conclusion of the investigation. The presentation shall include the compliant/ grievance; investigation summary including an objective account of everything that transpired to result in the grievance and as well as anything that have occurred as a result of the grievance, and the recommended action to be taken; INARR will provide DMHA a recommendation and action taken will be at the sole discretion of DMHA.

Step 6: DMHA Decision / Recommendations

DMHA will handle all disciplinary actions taken, as warranted, based upon the investigation. Please reference DMHA Certified Recovery Residence Policy/Procedure for potential consequences.