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In filing this grievance, I understand that it may be necessary for INARR to disclose information pursuant to this grievance to the subject Provider as well as to external agencies including, but not limited to the Department of Children & Families - Substance Abuse Licensure Division, Idinana Attorney General’s Office of Consumer Protection, Indiana Department of Law Enforcement, Local Law Enforcement Agencies and Local Code Enforcement Agencies. For this reason, INARR can make no warranty that it will protect the source of this information. However, an attempt is made to withhold disclosure of the source to the extent that is reasonably possible. I authorize unrestricted use of the information filed in this grievance by the Indiana Affiliation of Recovery Residences (INARR) to act as it deems prudent and necessary in accordance with the published INARR Compliance Audit Protocol. Please do not include any personal identifying information or protected health information about any individual.

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